How to install Fedora in 25 easy steps

I’m going to show you all the steps needed to install Fedora on your system, for this tutorial I’m going to use the latest version of Fedora which was released early this morning which is Fedora 22.

I assume you already visited the Fedora download page and downloaded the corresponding ISO image and burned it to a DVD.

Step 1: Insert the DVD in your computer’s DVD unit and select the CD/DVD unit as the primary boot option ( if you don’t know how to do this, please visit How to boot from CD/DVD tutorial )

This is the first screen that you’ll see:

Fedora-Step-01Step 2: The new Fedora will begin the install process
Fedora-Step-02Step 3: The next screen will ask you if you want to Try Fedora or do you want to Install Fedora to Hard Drive (select the Install to Hard Drive option)
Fedora-Step-03Step 4: Select your language and click Continue
Fedora-Step-04Step 5: Now you are required to select the installation destination in order to choose on which drive/partition Fedora will be installed
Fedora-Step-05Step 6: Select the proper drive (if you have more than one) and then click Done.

Note: If you don’t have enough free space on the drive the Automatic Partitioning method will not work for you, so you’ll need to select manual partitioning option

Fedora-Step-06Step 7: If you followed the procedure, the next screen should allow you to click the Begin Installation button
Fedora-Step-07Step 8: Click the Root Password option to set up the root password
Fedora-Step-08Step 9: Insert the root password twice  – It’s recommended to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, also make sure to pick a password longer than 8 characters for security reasons then click the Done button.
Fedora-Step-09Step 10: Although not needed, it’s strongly recommended to use a different user than root, so click the User Creation option
Fedora-Step-10Step 11: Insert the user’s full name, the username and the password twice. Also check the option “Make this user administrator” and then click the Done button
Fedora-Step-11Step 12: The system will continue to install the required software:
Fedora-Step-12Step 13: It will run post installation tasks
Fedora-Step-13Step 14: It will also generate an initramfs – archive of the initial file system that is loaded into memory during the operating system startup
Fedora-Step-14Step 15: Finally the installation is complete. Click the Quit button
Fedora-Step-15Step 16: The system will reboot and the next screen will pop up. If you don’t touch the keyboard the 1st boot option will be automatically selected, or you can simply use the arrow keys to select the desired option and then press Enter
Fedora-Step-16Step 17: You will now see the login screen with your user account. Click on your user account.
Fedora-Step-17Step 18: Enter your password (the password you used during user setup – this should not be the same as the root password!)
Fedora-Step-18Step 19: The next screen will let you choose the system language. Click Next after selecting the appropriate option
Fedora-Step-19Step 20: Select the keyboard layout.
Fedora-Step-20Step 21: Select the privacy options ( I chose to disable the Location Services ) and then click Next again
Fedora-Step-21Step 22: If you want to connect your online accounts select the appropriate service provider, otherwise click Skip like I did
Fedora-Step-22Step 23: This is the last step in the system setup, just click Start using Fedora button.
Fedora-Step-23Step 24: A walkthrough application start automatically, it’s meant to show you how the system works. You can simply close it pressing the x button on the top right.
Fedora-Step-24Step 25: Finally you get to see your desktop. Welcome to your freshly installed Fedora 22! You may start using your system and test the preinstalled applications.



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