How To Install Windows XP

How to install Windows – do it yourself way.

First of all you need a licensed copy of Windows XP, you can buy one from almost any Computer Shop.

Insert the cd in your PC and reboot. You might need to set it to boot from CD, if not already done.

0 – Wait for the following message : Press any key to boot from CD…

Press any key, for example the SPACE hey, or a letter key.

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How To boot from CD

Usually to boot from a CD you need to edit some settings (if not already set) in BIOS. Depending on your BIOS vendor you enter the BIOS this way: 1 Power on your computer. 2 Imediatly press the DEL (Delete) key or F2 found on your keyboard. (It might be different for you, but pay …

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GNU/Linux Introduction

Many people these days, try to migrate from a non-free Operating System (OS) (like Windows/MAC OS) to a free solution, a free OS like GNU/Linux. Yes, it’s called GNU/Linux not simply Linux acording to the GNU Project. In the middle of the 80’s GNU Project was created to develop a free UNIX-like OS (The GNU …

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