How to pass RHCE/RHCT exam! – part 4

This post will be related to the use of grep, sed, and awk to process text streams and files.


Is a command searches a file for lines containing a match to the given strings and prints the matching lines.
It is mainly used in the following combinations:

grep 'some string'  given_file
cat given_file | grep 'some string'
command | grep 'some string'

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How to pass RHCE/RHCT exam! – part 2

In order to proceed with this “how to” you will need a functional RedHat or RedHat based distribution. To do this, please follow How To Install Red Hat in 50 easy steps tutorial, or visit CentOS website for a free alternative to RedHat. Note: CentOS does not provide commercial support! “CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux …

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How to Install Red Hat in 50 Easy Steps!

The first thing you need to do is to visit RedHat Store and buy your licence.

Once you have your installation CDs you may proceed with the installation.

1. Insert the 1st CD in the CD-ROM unit. Select as the first boot device the CD-ROM (see How To boot from CD).

This is the first screen that you will see:


Just press ENTER to install in the Operating System in graphical mode.

2. The installation will start:

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