How to use mutt with multiple email accounts

I encountered some issues setting up multiple email accounts with mutt, so I decided to provide as much info as possible for other people who may encounter issues doing the same. One Google Apps hosted and another (hosted with my company) email accounts were set up in this tutorial, make sure you change personal details …

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How to pass RHCE/RHCT/RHCSA exam – part 6

In order to pass RCHE/RCHT/RHCSA exam, you also need to know how to use input/output text redirection. As a first example, let’s say you want to insert some text in a file. This can be done very symple using “>” (more than) sign.

echo "this is just a test" > /tmp/some_test_file 

This will EMPTY the contents of that file if it existed before and will insert “this is just a test” in it. If that file did not exist it will create it and will insert the given string. Now let’s say we want to append a new entry in our hosts file, so we keep the content of the file, and we just add new lines at the bottom.

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How to fix MySQL import Error: Duplicate entry at line

If while importing a database you encounter the following error mysql example < example.db Error: Duplicate entry at line: XXX just redump the database from the original source with the –insert-ignore option: mysqldump –insert-ignore –single-transaction example > example.db You should now be able to import the dump without any issue and you will no longer …

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How to install Counter-Strike 1.6 Server

You will need access as root or super user to a GNU/Linux Machine, or have the system admin install screen and wget for you. In this tutorial, I’m using a Red-Hat based distribution, named CentOS, version 6.3 – 64 bit These are the steps needed to install a Counter-Strike 1.6 Server: Install screen and wget …

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